Salt ve Salt | Constructıon Of Salt Room Salt Cave

Salt rooms 43% around the world in places such as Clinics, Hospitals, Kindergartens, Natural Treatment Centers; It is established in Tourism Hotels, SPA Centers, Gyms, Beauty Salons and Hotels, where it is 57% for health. Regulation on the Certification and Qualifications of Tourism Facilities Article 14 - (Amendment: OG dated 05/03/2011, numbered 27865) The practice of using terms related to beauty, aesthetics and physical care units in the name of the facility, a gymnasium at the facility's capacity, a sauna with an alarm system, a Turkish It is evaluated on the condition that there are at least five units such as Turkish bath, steam bath, snow room, hot stone room, salt room massage units, alalt massage units, skin care units, heated pool and these services are provided by trained personnel.

What Diseases Is The Salt Room Good For?

In common viral infections, cough and cold In asthma patients In chronic ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) diseases
Common viral infections, cough and colds
In asthma patients
In chronic ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) diseases
In Bronchitis Disease
In common ear infections
In skin problems caused by allergies
Allergic colds
In diseases for eczema and skin inflammation
In psoriasis
Stress, nervous disorders and anxiety
In insomnia
Joint pain and arthritis