Salt ve Salt | Constructıon Of Salt Room Salt Cave


1. See the salt room of the person you are going to have a salt room for
2. See the salt to use
3. See what you're attaching the salt to
Because you are setting up these salt rooms to benefit from Asthma, Bronchitis, Shortness of Breath, Allergy Disorders, Insomnia, Insomnia, and COPD Disorders To Make It Cheap For the people you intend not to use some glues to fix the refined salts. We are in a country where there are people who dye olives with shoe polish, add lime to cheese, and make honey from glucose.
Our wish is that our people who come for health are not inhaled poison.


1- The final price will be given according to the chosen concept and the area to be applied.
2- Salt rooms are built on a turnkey basis.
3- Services included in the prices:
Salt room project; Salt coating on ceiling and walls; Pouring salt on the ground; Music player; Sound system; Lighting; electrical installation; Staff training.
4- Services not included in the prices:
Seats in the salt room and renovations The salt room is under the company's maintenance guarantee for 1 year, except for the damage caused by the buyer.

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Our job is only to make Salt Rooms and Salt Caves.
If you share with us when you are going to have a salt room built, you will have a healthy salt room built.
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